L S of Boston College, MA:

Love love love Regina!! I've been getting laser from her and I honestly think this was one of the best decisions in my life and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. The hair reduction is so noticeable. When I shave the surrounding area, the non lasered area is back within a few days, whereas the lasered area is still smooth. Couldn't be happier!

Me Y of Oakland, CA:

I spent the Winter with Regina...well, only 5 sessions, but WOW I should have done this YEARS (decades? Am I that old?) ago. I just got back from a 3 week vacation in Europe that included 10 days on the beaches of Crete. I shaved once during that time. SERIOUSLY!!! Only ONCE! It is unbelievable to me how different my beach experience was and how soft my skin feels. Any time with Regina is time well invested!

Mona H of Boston, MA:

Used a living social coupon to have four sessions. Chose to use the laser on my underarms. I had questions before buying the coupon and left a message thinking that no one would ever get back to me because they wouldn't really care with so many people buying coupons. Regina called me back, offered me to come over that day for free to see the laser and discuss the treatment. She was very pleasant to deal with and best of all, would use again.

Camille M of Yelp:

I got referred by a friend who got bikini laser hair removal there. It worked really well for her. I went for legs but apparently my legs' hair is too thin for laser, so I did a small area.

It is a great place. Friendly and professional staff. Hard to talk about the efficiency yet because today was my first session and it takes some time for the hair to fall. I'll try to post another review when I see if it works.

Lily S of Yelp:

First of all, let me just say that it's a grand shame that Yelp filters out 99% of the reviews for this business. If you are thinking of coming here for hair removal needs, i suggest you scroll down to the bottom and click on filtered reviews. After my experience here, i am convinced that these are in fact real clients.

Anyway, I had been thinking about doing laser hair removal for a while, but what stopped me was A. the price tag and B. lack of any legitimate looking places via Yelp. Surprisingly, for whatever reason most people don't go and rate these sorts of businesses. I ended up at ESCC after a friend who had gone to them for laser hair removal using a Groupon had a good experience, so i finally decided it was time and figured that this was as good a place as any.

This place is basically run by a mom and daughter pair--Irina does electrolysis, while Regina takes care of laser. I was communicating with Regina via email about setting up a consultation/figuring out what treatment would be best for what i was looking for, and at that point realized that laser and electrolysis are actually 2 different things. Anyway, i opted for electrolysis as it's supposed to be permanent (where as laser only removes one type of hair, and depending on your hair may not even actually work for you).

I'm completely OCD about being on time, so i ended up about 10 mins early for my first appointment (only 15 min due to my being a first time client). However, Irina was kind enough to see me early and extend my appointment window.

A week later, and i've had my 2nd treatment--hour long now, and the first patch of skin i had done last week looks phenomenal--hair free and SMOOTH. Anyone who has ever struggled with ingrown hairs--do this. do.this.now. seriously, i could exfoliate morning noon and night till i'm effing blue in the face, but for some reason, for me, ingrowns are harder to get rid of than roaches. Dealing with this issue is literally like a second full time job for me. not anymore! well in a few more visits. And just as aside, one of the first things Irina said to me during my consultation was "when i'm done with you, your skin will look like baby's butt." I don't think she was lying.

To be clear, this is not some fru fru "may i offer you a glass of cucumber water?" place. Is clean and neat, and the women who work here do their jobs exceptionally well. What else do you need?

I will update this as things progress, but for now i really cant think of one negative thing. Except maybe that the place is so busy that i have to book appointments weeks in advance. But this is certainly just testament to the miracles they work.

Illana G of Boston, MA:

I’m writing to Irina with Gratitude and love for all that she did for me! I had been dealing with symptoms of overactive thyroid disease for over the year. After 2 months of healing sessions with Irina, I feel completely back to normal! My new blood test result, finally, came back normal! I feel healthy again and full of energy! Irina, has been key to my physical health and spiritual growth. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I would never be where I’m without your help.

D L of Newton, MA:

It was my first time getting laser hair removal and I was very nervous. Regina put me at ease, she explained the procedure, and was eager to answer all my questions. After only three times, my hair is almost gone! I am so happy to have found this hidden jewel.

Anonymous of Quincy, MA:

I have always been embarrassed by dark hair all over my face and body. I called the office and left a message, Regina called back quickly. She explained that laser hair removal is not for everyone and offered for me to come in for a free consultation. During our meeting she answered all my questions and explained the differences between electrolysis and laser hair removal and told me that she will support whatever decision I make. I decided to try laser hair removal on my legs and electrolysis on my face. I am very happy with my decision. I finished four treatments on my legs and only shave once every few weeks!! Irina does the electrolysis on my face, she is amazing! I no longer have to hide! Although laser is not for everyone, I highly recommend them both!

Anonymous of Boston, MA:

The procedure was quick and almost pain free. They use a cold gel which really makes a difference. Two laser hair removal treatments later, my underarms have never looked and felt better! Regina definitely puts you at ease!

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

Awesome service. (-:

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

very nice, cleansing facial. My skin felt great and looked great when I left!

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

Very nice people, very efficient!

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

Very thorough and professional. First time I've had laser hair removal that didn't hurt at all.

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

Regina was great! Very informative, she made it a very smooth, painless and fast process. I will recommend this service and location to friends!

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

Staff was very friendly and informative

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

professional yet friendly, no pain

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

I have a few more appts to see if the treatment works but the technician was very knowledgeable and nice.

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

They are very nice and make you feel completely comfortable

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

The clinician was very friendly and helpful!

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

The whole experience was great. They were super friendly and informative. We will return!

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

Still have to see the results but I was very well welcomed and taken care of.

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

She was very kind and informative, and the procedure was very quick and efficient.

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

Very helpful, very informative, and takes a lot of time to explain things to new clients.

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

Great service, wonderful staff

Anonymous of LivingSocial, MA:

Regina was great and explained everything in great detail before getting to work turning me back into a woman (instead of a feral animal). The location may be easily missed as you must go down stairs, but the business that she and her mother run is efficient, kind, and very busy. Please be sure to book well in advance!!!

Meri P of Boston, MA:

I have been going to Irina for 4 years and she is hands down the best. Her goal is to do what is right for you and that is why I have been, and will continue to be, a loyal long term client. Her experience and knowledge is unmatched. Her establishment is impeccably clean, warm and inviting. Irina gives incredibly professional service. She is good natured, caring and always friendly. My hairs had been making my daily life miserable for almost 15 years. Irina’s gentle touch made it seem painless as she worked her wonders on me. She has made my life so much better and hair free! I cannot express how grateful that I am to Irina for helping me. She made my daily life so much more comfortable. She is very professional, her place is always clean and inviting, and she is always punctual and does such a good job fixing the problems people come to her for! I would highly recommend Irina to anyone needing electrolysis. Irina is amazing!

Donna M of Boston, MA:

Another satisfied long time client, I recently wanted to "get my bikini done" and didn't think twice about calling Irina. After Irina removed unwanted facial hair in my early twenties, I have enjoyed the same permanent results as a previous reviewer.  Now in my late thirties and no more bleaching, waxing, or tweezing the upper lip and neck for me.  I continue to receive compliments and never have to tweeze the eyebrows that Irina professionally shaped years and years ago (over ten).

I'm looking forward to bathing suit weather sans ingrown hairs and know that day is soon to come when I leave my hairy problems with Irina.

It is true that Irina is a professional with many long time clients who have gone on to refer their friends.  It is also a fact that when many of her clients move away from Boston, they continue to travel to keep appointments with Irina.

Caprice T of Hamden, CT:.

Irina's electrolysis service is impeccable!!! Irena provides attention to detail and is a perfectionist by nature, allowing for her to remove PERMANENTLY any pesky hair to never peer its ugly face again - EVER

Over ten years ago, Irena removed my unwanted upper lip hair and I have never ever had to wax, tweeze etc.  Investing in her perfectionist electrolysis service saved me years of painful waxing, embarrassing tweezing and dollars.

I then continued to invest in removing hair from areas prone to painful ingrown hairs such as under the arms, back of the upper thighs, etc.  

Irina's office is ultra clean and comfortable. She takes extra steps to make sure her equipment is super- sanitary including making sure she uses fresh and new needles for each patient, adjusting the needle size for delicate areas such as the face compared to other parts of the body, and she works with the patient to make sure the removal of hair at the root is as pain-free as possible. She provides clear instructions and support to assure everything is scar-free.

Irina has become like family to me, helping me through my time of embarrassing need to remove unwanted hair in the most embarrassing places... Irina is like a vault holding her client's personal business as personal, not sharing the names of her clients with anyone, unless you give her permission to do so.  Irina is very professional, utilizing the best practices for the highest results in electrolysis. I highly recommend her service. I have traveled far to see her because I know she cares about her reputation as a perfectionist and cares about her clients as individuals.

What drives Irina, is to help people feel confident about themselves and lead happier lives. Electrolysis can do that, if you are embarrassed about unwanted hair. She has also began to work in alternative healing, utilizing Cosmo-energy, similar to Reiki but more intense.  I have had the privilege of also being a client for her Cosmo-energy practice. I suffered for over four years with thyroid - hormonal imbalance. During year four, I was finally diagnosed as veering close to being able to get prescribed medication for hyperthyroidism. Unfortunately, despite exhibiting all of the symptoms, including blood analysis by my doctor affiliated with Beth Israel Medical Center showing three of the four hormones to an extreme level in my body, I could not take the medication to feel normal again until the fourth hormone reached a .1 beyond the normal level.  

I requested for Irina's assistance in trying alternative healing in hopes that I would not have to take any medication and my body will regain hormonal balance. My endocrinologist stated that I had a 92% chance of within 6 months needing medication. Within three months of working with Irena, my hormones regained balance!!!!  The blood analysis of pre- and post showed scientific proof of the effect Cosmo-energy had in reestablishing that balance. I am happy to say that I am medication free and feel great. I am not as tired anymore, my hair has stopped falling in clumps, etc . Irina is a healer in more ways than one.   Just for the record, I have my Master's from Harvard, have medical records to prove the impact of the Cosmo-energy, and am living proof of her work.   I believe I am a very credible reviewer of her work.  Give a gift to yourself. Make an appointment with Irina. That was the best investment I have ever made!

The cost of both services are cheaper than most massages. Investing early in electrolysis can save you years of having to pay for waxing, laser, etc.

Kate T of Newton, MA:

I have been to many, many, many different electrologists over the years....since I was 11.  At age 52, I found Irina and FINALLY I have no more facial and upper lip hair.  She has truly permanently removed my unwanted facial hair. After she was so successful with those areas, she started working on my eyebrows and arms.  I am a changed woman. People always compliment me on my beautifully shaped eyebrows and I no longer feel self conscious when I wear a sleeveless or short sleeved top.  She is the best.

She has also been giving me facials, trying to help me remove sun damage on my face.  She has a wonderful line of skin care called Glymed that has made a big difference in how my skin looks.  The sun damage has definitely improved.

Irina is a very kind and caring person and she wants to help you with your problems.  She does not have you keep coming back and back.  She fixes the problem and then you are done!

ZT of Stoughton, MA:

I've only been going to Irina's office for a year and in such a short time she has been able to get rid of my unwanted hair that I've been battling with for years. We are still working on areas but the results are amazing. Irina is a very pleasant woman with whom its easy to spend a few hours with chatting while she is working. I'm very happy with her as a person, she has a great personality and she does extremely wonderful job.

RK of Medford, MA:

Irina is amazing at what she does and how she does it. I've been going to this office for many years and every single cent paid off. Irina listens to your needs and concerns and gives good advices on what areas should be worked on first and what areas could be left for later.

Irina will make sure that when you leave her office the problem area looks even and in symmetry. 

Mary S of Cambridge, MA:

Irina, the owner, electrologist and aesthetician is very talented in many ways.  She is the most professional and precise skin care clinician I have ever worked with.  I first received electrolysis on my chin and upper lip ten years ago, and after seeing first hand the benefit of not worrying about tweezing, bleaching, and waxing, I went back for electrolysis on my bikini and under arms.  This decision has proven to be the best investment I could make in my own self care.  Before I went to Irina, wearing swimsuits was unpleasant and even embarrassing. Now, I feel confident about wearing swimsuits or workout clothing and I no longer need to worry about the horrible rashes that used to come from shaving and waxing.

What I appreciate most about Irina is her genuine dedication to her patients' overall well-being.   When Irina became certified in the art of energy healing, I was curious to see if I could benefit from its effects.  I consulted Irina for help in developing more positive energy flow in order to be more open to positive relationships.  Ultimately I wanted to attract love in my life.  

The energy treatments worked.   I am so happy to have learned about energy healing and to have shed the self-restricting energy that had been holding me back from the things I desired.  A few short months after doing energy work, I met my life partner and we married this year.

Looking back I can see the amazing benefit of energy healing in making me ready to recognize and receive the kind of relationship I had been seeking for so many years.

For skin care, electrolysis, energy healing and fashion make-overs, I recommend Irina Stukalov with enthusiasm!

Jenn M of Brookline, MA:

I am a long-time client of Irina's. I started going to her in my twenties to remove some facial hair and have since moved onto other areas including my bikini, underarms, eyebrows, and now my thighs.  This is permanent hair removal so I have not had to pluck my eyebrows, shave my underarms, or wax my bikini in many, many years.  It's a life-changer!

She is punctual, affordable, quick, sanitary, and quite simply a wonderful person. I really can't say enough positive things about Irina or her successful practice.

Daniel S of New York, NY:

She has always been top notch!

Stanley J of Boston, MA:

After some many years of waxing away unwanted facial hair, only to have it return in the same area after a few days, I had decided to try electrolysis. When I showed up I was thrilled she was on time! Punctuality is a Big plus in my book. Irina greeted me with a smile, and the consultation was great. She listened to what I wanted done and was clear about what hair was going to be removed. She cleaned under the brow line between the brows and a few stragglers off the top of the brow. She had also had suggested redefining my beard line for my next appointment. This is something I will certainly do!

Julia D of Watertown, MA:

I am a long-time client of Irina's. I first came to see her five years ago, asking to help me get rid of hair on my chin and upper lip.  In half a year my chin and upper lip look as they did only in my childhood. And after Irina shaped my eyebrows I felt and looked ten years younger, not mentioning that my new look boost my self-confidence. I came back to do legs and bikini, and now I can enjoy going swimming---activity which I tried to avoid for years.  

Irina is not only an excellent specialist in skin care but also a very warm and caring person. She knows how having unwanted hair is frustrating and depressing to you so she fixes the problem permanently, so you can enjoy your new look and life!

Masha R of Wayland, MA:

I found out about Irina from my friend. I always wanted to get rid of my course hair on my chin and neck.

It was so annoying and no matter what I did it was always growing back even stronger. Irina's Clinic was located very far from me, it was pricey but I still decided to try it, because I felt like it was my last hope. At first my whole family was very skeptical and tried to talk me out of it, thinking that I'm just wasting my time and money and there is simply no way I could ever get rid of my facial hair. However I was stubborn enough, kept coming to Irina's clinic on the regular basis and followed all her instructions in between. And guess what!! In a little more than a year I got my smooth face back to me! I still can't believe it! I'm so happy and grateful to Irina. I believe she knows some kind of secret that other professionals are not aware of. I know that other people were trying to use the same services elsewhere but never were able to get rid of their hair. I'm so happy that I found out about Irina's electrolysis clinic.  My advice to you guys: be patient, it is a process but it DOES WORK even on the most stubborn hair! Thank you Irina so much!!

Ellen C of Boston, MA:

I've been coming here for years, starting with electrolysis on my underarm hair and now doing peels for my acne.   I keep going back because Irina, the primary aestheticism, has an amazing work ethic and she delivers what she promises.  She doesn't oversell or push you into doing anything, and if she's not sure about something, she will tell you.  She takes a lot of pride in making everyone as beautiful as can be.  I think it's reasonable to say that she cares about my skin and hair more than I do, and I really appreciate that.    

With electrolysis, she removed all my underarm hair over the course of about a year, and it's been a few years since I last had electrolysis done and it's still hairless.  I know several people who did laser hair removal, and although it was fewer treatments, less than a year later they still need to pluck.  People often ask me if she purposely goes slow during the appointments so that it can drag over more visits and thus cost more.  My answer is absolutely not.  There were several times when the timer was up and she continued to remove hairs just to finish the whole area.  Irina is fast.  I don't have much body hair, but if I did, I would definitely get electrolysis on my arms and legs, too.

Peels:  I get periodic breakouts and the peels really help control the acne and accelerate the healing time.  I've gotten all kinds of facial treatments and these peels have been the most effective.  Acne can be a very tricky thing to treat, and people have acne for all sorts of reasons.  I've taken all kinds of antibiotics, tried tons and tons of topical treatments, and these peels are by far the most helpful.  

All in all, I give this place a 5 star because Irina is reliable and professional, and you definitely get what you pay for.

Ronni C of Brookline, MA:

I have been going to Irina for over 15+ years for her skin care treatments and cannot begin to tell you how fabulous my skin feels and how many people always tell me how great my skin is---will NEVER go anyplace else--but one day she suggested that perhaps I should have her shape my eyebrows with electrolysis--I said " it's going to hurt "and she said not at all lets give it one try--she was right and my eyebrows look great and there have been no stray hairs for years--cannot imagine ever going to anyone else---she is the absolute BEST

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